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The greatest souvenier by ReikoValour The greatest souvenier by ReikoValour
Commissioned a fairly long time ago from :iconnatysart:
Colouring, characters and writing by myself.

Note: Reuploading because first time, don't know how I didn't notice, but uploaded it with the wrong image.

"Reiiiiiikkkkkkyyyy!", despite the high-pitch her voice hit right near the end it wasn't a whine or yell, it was just to hit that annoyed chord right in the center of her lovers head and get his attention immediately if not before. The lavishly curved Grovyle-morph had reached her first fresh state of giddyness for the day, grinning like a fiend with huge wide golden eyes affixed on the fairly tall package offered to her by Pelipper post-morph. Her head-leaf raised itself nearly a full 90 degrees behind her as those graspy fingers exercised themselves and then sunk into the packaging. Swishing her foliage as the excited grass-type flicked her heel to send the sliding door in motion and hopped, then tip-toed in various stages of sillyness right to the couch her hammock hung behind.

By the time Reiko clacked his way downstairs the playful Grovyle-morph already had a snout-full of packaging string and wrapping paper. The ruffling and rustling ceasing as she heard his claws cease clacking upon the large plush rug they had to cover much of the living room floor. Light little tapping upon her snout-edge and with an inward chuckle Maleti tilted her head up and back to behold her life-partner upsidedown. Few little pokes and prods brought the packaging materials out of Maletis mouth allowing her giggle to come out into the open as she drew herself up to catch the Charmeleon-morphs snout with her own in a simple morning kiss. "Hiya sweetie~"

"Hello to you. So?", the trade-mark smirk while a little damaged by being one of the first things in the morning was still there as they parted the light little embrace. Was a touch unusual, Maleti was groomed and alive mentally, this tended not to happen until around ten in the ams, but here she was at eight perky and joyful. Her smile spread and was plainly obvious on either side of that beaky bit and an entrancing glimmer of those golden eyes. This was not the bushy haired zombie chica that he shared a morning with who would slump against the walls and claw at him for support while mumbling with all the anger of a slightly distracted baby-skitty that her legs were betraying her. "Whaaaaaat?~"

It was hard to have any annoyance to an answer evasion when it was accompanied by such an adorable little wiggle of hips and drawing of arms together that gave her blush-pink cleavage a bit of a squishing. Her few fingers attempting to spread out and cover this huge flat package upon her lap. She feigned a show of strength in pushing so lightly down on the package as Reiko leant over her, the Grovyle-morph wasting no opportunity to leech some heat as her snout slid along the underside of his, nipping at his neck with her beaky bit in an attempt for further attentions. The tattooed Charmeleon-morph gave a few so very weak and light tugs upon the edge of the package, felt a tad unusual, bit malleable on one end, had to be careful with the claws. Then the simple plan to free it from her grasp, his right hand that had been unoccupied now scheming it's merry way down the back of the couch under the arm of his lover and then with a few taps and then a solid grabbed got at one of the fullsome soft squishy bits he so enjoyed upon her. With a yelp her hands shot up in so very feigned modesty and the package came free. Maleti batting his hand off her and then wriggling herself around on the couch and leaping up, arms wrapping behind Reikos neck and as he straightened up she was hoisted off the furniture and hung there against him, pressing the underside of her snout to his chest. "Mmm-hmhm.... Nookie?"

Wasn't a bad suggestion at all but Reiko gave a rumbling inward laugh and delivered a few simple little pashes to the visage of Maleti. He might've regretted her learning all those silly slangs but she said them so cutely, no doubt practiced it. "Later Wild Flower, let me see what got your tail-leaves swishing."

Her legs wrapped around his frame for but a moment, releasing her arm wrap, turning her upper body with, well grace and agility, but certainly a touch of an awkward brand of it with Reiko having to pull his head back to avoid getting a skinny Grovyle arm hitting his nose. But once contorted enough she rewrapped her arms and released those powerful but so very soft thighs from him to resume her flexible display and now hung there from him with her back to his chest. Large feet stretching forth to catch at the couch and drag herself and him right up against it, sliding back into her rumpled little spot and patting as if she was allowing him permission to sit with her.

Moment Reiko settled onto the couch of course she practically dived atop him, forcing them both to lay there, graspy little Grovyle-morph hands drawing his feet up along with flopping that lengthy tail over the side of the couch. "Open it open it open it!"

Was hard to focus on removing the savaged packaging material while a lush Grovyle-morph rubbed and eased herself against him but Reikos concentration prevailed and with a few simple claw drags revealed that she had been smuggling in a large well painted canvas. The scene from what Reiko gathered in an instant was of their first meeting when from the scrubby undergrowth came this... this... hang on a second. "You did not look like that when we first met Wild Flower."

"I did", her eyes narrowed and gave the tiniest of nudges against his chest with her beaky bit. "I was always a gorgeous queen of the jungle~"

She'd started to make that adorable little whining noise but it was quickly subdued with further lip-service, that shockingly blue forked tongue flickering its prongs immediately after the kiss, wanting more. "Maybe, but what I recall seeing coming out of the scrubby bushes and nearly sun-starved foliage was a skinny, dirty little brown thing-", Maleti gave a teeny harumph and nipped at her lovers snout with her beaky bit.

"- that was clad in well covering tribal attire, twigs and leafs sticking to it's messy badly cut and hewn bird-nest... later found out it was hair-", further nips delivered, many of them as she tried to cease this shocking and truthful debasement of character. "-With the most atonishing eyes I had ever seen. They seemed brighter than the sun itself amid all that dirt and darkness. The closer that skinny waif of a figure drew itself, the larger those eyes became. Such pure suprise and curiousity I had never come across before."

The nipping had stopped, instead Maleti was trilling quietly as she snuggled all the deeper against him, one eye peering at the picture she, well... she had idealized it a little. Her fingers playing at the little holes in Reikos hoodie sleeve. "There was such honest beauty in those eyes I was utterly enthralled from the first moment. The little creatures hands were tugging at my fingers, pulling on the hoodie... even gave my hair a yank, but I could not for a moment take my sight away from those golden eyes. That's how I remember it Wild Flower, I remember a skinny, boney and dirty little tribal waif, that was covered near from head to toe in cloth and dirt that mumbled and muttered a language I never did get the hang of."

She gave a long deep sigh of utter comfort as she rested against him, Reiko setting the picture onto their coffee table to free up both hands to be better brought around that wonderful souvenier from the amazon rain-forest. "You were filthy too~"

A sleepy little whisper that just about touched at Reikos hearing, smiling down at the secure, loving embodiment of all he desired. "True, I'd been travelling on foot all that time after the missionary dropped me off in his river-plane."

They both seemed to be reminicing that moment in their lives, she had never seen another pokemorph before, never heard a single word of that bizarre language he had. But the words were soft, his eyes were such a warm green, one that gave so much more welcome than any shade or tone of the jungle. Her body had been tense and ready to dart off but the moment she felt the heat coming from him, those words and and that look he had for her, she could only move closer. Every contact with him was new, utterly different and warm, so warm.

Now a few years later, upon the couch of their home Maleti felt it all from him in just the same way, those eyes were still the most welcoming she had ever looked upon. To touch him was always a fresh experience and... he was always so warm. His claws sifted delicately through the Grovyle-morphs hair, another little trill rising out of her as she just about managed to state, "Love you my Reiky...", before the safety and gentle contact had her drifting off to sleep.

Reiko made only one additional movement as the two laid there, his scarred up mobile phone being switched off. He would've yanked the phone out of its socket too but that was well out of reach, so instead just stayed hopeful they could enjoy this. "I love you too Wild Flower."
Xyliaz Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the story, Reiko and Maleti are such a cute couple. x3 A few of the sentences are confusing but overall, it is great. I love how you describe her mouth as her "beaky bit" It's cute.
ReikoValour Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
Oh?... which sentences confused?

And yea it is a beaky bit heh, it doesn't come up when Natys draws her, doesn't quite fit with her style. But certainly when seen in pics by Ren she's got that adorable little beak bit to nip and poke at people. Leads to fantastically adorable scenes in Adventure. Like Reiko holding an apple in one hand, she sneaks behind, fitting head beneath his arm, flicky tongues the apple, then gives a little nod to stab her beaky bit into the apple and cart it away.
Xyliaz Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww that is adorable. x3

I can't remember but some of your sentences are just long and it takes a few reads to wrap my brain around them.
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