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Gift-Wrapped Grovyle-morph by ReikoValour Gift-Wrapped Grovyle-morph by ReikoValour
Drawn by good buddy :icontiger1001:

Writing and character, all that yadda yadda, by me.


"Ummm.... yea, M-merry Christmas Hot stuff?", suprisingly sheepish words trickling from the tribal Grovyles softly blushing snout as she gazed to her lover with that golden eye. Of course displaying herself like this, bound in naught but ribbons, all those smooth, delicate scales on display with the greens and pinks with that beautiful sheen... well this wouldn't be causing her to blush. Reiko chuckled quietly as he stepped further into their bedroom, tail flicking out to shut the door. No there was only one reason she'd be blushing right now and he was seeing the evidence of it, the dishevelled carpet, the jostled picture frames on the shelf... the rather generous spilling of ruby red ribbons around that led to the bed and the fact she wasn't able to bring up both her hands to greet him.

Tiny little puff of flame snickered out from around his maw as the Charmeleon-morph took a moment to sigh at his 'complicated' lover. "You are such a fool Wild Flower."

"Sexy fool, nyah.", she actually did stick out that blue forked tongue for a few moments, eyelid falling to give a slightly more confident look...

It had seemed like such a simple flirty idea. Gift-wrap herself up for a little suprise present, they'd already gone through the long lazy period of digesting the Christmas dinner, ribs weren't a common element in such a thing she was told, but well, she liked them almost as much as her boy. The other couples had peeled off and spending private time how they should, she knew Reiko would be doing the washing up so he didn't get depressed in the morning looking for a bowl... left her time to play.

She'd fought hard to still her fluttering heart at the saucy prospect of putting herself on sexy display with nothing but ribbons on her body and wait for her own present to be delivered when he got close enough. They still had plenty of it left anyway, nice price cut on packaging materials before Christmas arrived, she'd actually been wanting a bit of an excuse to use it in her outfits. One hand splaying her fingers to trace down that airy off-shoulder top she'd put on as a slightly more, tidy ensemble. Stopping for a brief moment on entering their bedroom, looking herself over in the mirror. Even the looseness of the top could do nothing to damage her ample curves, though perhaps might be a touch ampler than usual after all that heavy festive feeding, plus she had been neglecting the gym a little bit. Oh well that wasn't too much of a problem, she'd burn it off in no time, for now though she just felt warm, soft and giddy.

"Always with the best ideas Maleti Valour", she wasn't sure why she just referred to herself in the third person, but it seemed to fit the situation. She wanted to get some kind of congratulations for all this, after all it was an adorable idea of sheer genius. "Mmm, maybe a little egotistical... nah I'm worth that kind of praise.".

Another low giggle, causing the smooth pink along her expansive chest to shake a little beneath her top, finally slipping that aside, deposited lightly on her little vanity table... she didn't actually bother with makeup, no need with such healthy scales anyway, no she just used it to mess around when something took her fancy, hence the number of body-paint bottles and lacy garters she'd been trying to work into a new outfit. Tilt of the head, edging away just a tiny portion of that rich chocolate brown hair to gaze at herself in the full lenght mirror, quite enjoying the sight of herself in profile. Claws tracing along the solid ebony of her high strength sports bra, she had so many of the things, poor dears got worn out but they gave such good support. It had been something of a worry once she started hearing the horror stories from Bethanys mother and other large breasted fems. But she'd gotten checked out, cute Jigglypuff doctor, she told her that with such firm scales, the natural muscle strength of a Grovyle and all other little benefits she honestly... zoned out while being told... that she'd not be getting attacked by gravity anytime soon, even if she went without support. Still no point distracting all with such natural softness and she sported her bras almost at all times.

Now however, it was an obstacle, one that she'd deal with in a moment... first of all those full hips started to shimmy and shake a little, fidgeting as she fought against her own playful movements, watching how that long skirt just flitted and shifted against her juicy thighs. It then just trailed down her to pool upon the floor, catching it with a large toe, little flicks of the ankle to bunch it up nicely, then rolling her thigh, drawing her knee out, heel rubbing along the inside of her other shin and then around, making use of that huntress flexibility to simply dump her skirt with the top. There she was in what many considered the unmentionables, she didn't know why they bothered with that, they were so cute. She'd never used to bother with underwear apart from the bra, but then Alouise shown her around the stores that Reiko really didn't want to place a claw in. The colours, so many different fabrics, plus entirely pointless bows and frills, but still it was amazing the amount of variety.

She gave a little half-twirl for her own amusement, probably considered a bit of a fashion sin to not wear matching sets but so far the company that made her bras had yet to realise big breasted women wore more than black. Maybe it just resisted the stretching better. Still that would be the first to go, the latch unsnapped with a bit of a fumble... she still didn't understand how Reiko was able to just flick his claws and fwip, it'd be undone. Even Alouise had shown off by sneaking it off under her t-shirts, maybe it was just this make, had to stay up to strain, that was it. It was her bras fault not hers!... even if Reiko could unlatch these in half a second.

"Harumph...", she gave a few little backsteps to get close to the mirror and better examine the mechanism she was fumbling, till finally it came free, exposing the fact that, well her back was just like the rest of her body, scaled, smooth, soft and suprisingly little muscle tone for all the power she had. She'd shut up more than a couple cocky chauvanistic Machops at the gym when they discovered how much she could bench-press, even with, ahem 'those fun-bags in the way', as they tried to give advice to the poor little girly who could easily snap them in two.

Despite how much support those cups gave Maleti felt more of a sigh of relief and a weight from her chest when they were gone, able to feel the heated air sweep over some of her most prominent features. She'd spotted a few other Grovyle-women on the island and well, they took one look and doubted she'd be leaping from any trees... she had to admit, couldn't do it unsupported really. Had to spend so much time each morning in the wild bounding up the jiggly twins so they wouldn't throw her off-balance, plus was just good sense, don't want rough branches sweeping along exposed nipple.

Then came the lower region, despite for all the cuteness she found in those light pink knickers, well came off with far less ceremony and like the bra found themselves plonked into the laundry hamper... which contained nothing but her own clothes really. I mean, she knew he cleaned them thoroughly everyday but it wouldn't hurt her boy to get a new hoodie and trousers, even as spares... he'd had them since he was 14 and, best guess he could give he was 22 now, long time to be wearing the same thing. Still she liked to run her hands over those well travelled garments, she could rest her head against his chest, close her eyes and just run along the roughed up material, finger through the stitch-holes and drink in his scent that would take her right back to the wild.

She wasn't home-sick, that wasn't it, she just liked to be reminded that when they met, they were in the wilderness and couldn't just use flowers and chocolates, or a text message to get each others attention. Couldn't even use words due to the language barrier, no she got to know him like no other woman probably could and he got to see her before she could play around with social barriers or preconceptions. It was one of the first presents he'd given her on reaching the island, recordings of ambience from the jungles she called home. It wasn't the same as having those creatures all around her obviously... the simple fact it all came from the same source took some of the magic away, but she loved him just for that consideration. He'd even hooked it up into a sound system put in the bedroom, the different speakers would fade and change the range they broadcast allowing a slight healing of the illusion of wildness.

But she had her wild, it was Reiko and she had no qualms on showing how thankful she was that when they hit the tarmaced roads, the concrete towers that he didn't change one bit. In fact she rather figured in this short time she'd become better adapated to civilised life than he had... but most of that was her boys poor grasp of a laptop, literally poor at times, it had so many scratches on the case. So this would be a present for him, another reminder that she doesn't need trees and bugs buzzing through her hair to feel like shes in the untamed world. She just needs her untamed Charmeleon-morph that gave her his love, his surname and his life.

It took only a moment or two to find the box of ribbons... well what she thought were ribbons, she hadn't actually wrapped anything up this year, little too umm... cheerful with the snippy and crunchy sounds of the scissors on gift paper. Luckily on pulling the lid free they were ribbons, a few large chunky ones, she knew where one of those was going and lots of long little ones. Still wasn't quite enough and so before she plopped down at her vanity table she grabbed the box of gift-tags, white marker and from just outside one of the large bay windows a flower. Twirling it between her claws she raised it up, letting the soft petals spin along her snout. It was one of the first words they were able to share together, flower, then wild... that became his second name for her. At times she felt a little jealous that he got to make a pet name for her in such an endearing way, while she just called him out on being warm. But her original language was limited, they didn't have Charmeleons in the region around her village and she really didn't have many words to describe him, best she could manage was Ally Monster. Which in english, did not trail off her forked tongue with as much ease.

So she eschewed putting his petname on the label, just putting the regular one down, a little sniff at the flower and then the fitting pet name he had given her. The flower itself presented a slight issue, Maleti taking a brief moment to braid a small little segment of hair for it to nestle in. Then the fun part as she figured, wrapping the present. Large thick ribbon being brought out, shifted comfortably against her back and then the two ends brought together as they squashed down on her exposed pink rack, she gave a little trill at how soft it felt against her but didn't want to get distracted. Took a bit of doing but she finally made a nice chunky bow for the main part to unwrap. Slipping a few of the slimmer ribbons into the knot so that... hopefully, it would all fall away once undone.

Then came the rest of her, giggling as she draped it over her wrist and realised, well she'd best do this on the bed, avoid having to hop once her legs were done. Would've been better if she'd started there in all honesty as the ribbons caught inside the box, it fell, got beneath her foot, as she pulled away it bound around her ankle, other leg tugging and eventually it all came stumbling about as part of it hooked under the leg of the chair at her vanity table. Strangled yelp from the suprised Grovyle rather broke her romantic mental meanderings as she tried to keep herself right, avoid having her bum bruised by a bad landing. All that natural agility of a Grovyle falling aside as she gave a little bit of panic on treading wrong on the corner of the plush rug and toppled further off balance. Finally flumphing on top of the bed, scrabbling and rolling to try and right herself quickly as she heard large clawed foot thuds coming towards the door. She tried to better pose but eyes widened as her hands didn't move, one pinned to her bust, the other by her backside. No choice...

As the door opened she fought to hold back her embarrassment and give off the perfect air of 'No I wasn't a clumsy doofus that nearly broke her neck trying to do a sexy thing, not in the least, nor did I make a mess of our room that's entirely an unjustifed accusation that no court would believe'.

Back in the present, with the present Reikos claw tugged lightly at the large bow upon her chest, his snout brushing against hers, the passionate crimson against wild jungle green. Lips against each other, the leaf upon her head sinking right into the brunettes hair as she just let the warmth was through her, forgetting the accident, the sillyness, her words a near whisper. "Like your present honey?"

The reply was almost instant, but he had to taste her lips once again, the bow giving out under the attentions of his claw. "It's all I ever needed."
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